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This heatsink is a special design from YONLIT as an attachment for our power amplifier module, match with 60*60mm fans, it can handling the heat emission from a single 100watts power amplifier or 2 pieces of 50watts units and protect the amplifier.


PA allows install on both side of the heatsink, and the hole we drilled can fits for all type of our products, dimension 125*120*60mm, about 3.5kg.


This idea happends to us beacuse we had received too many similar request from our customers, they want to intergrated the amplifier in thier own cases but its hard for them to find a suitable heatsink, so we did this, they dont have to take a bunch of time for searching,  and the heatsink function shows good so far, its realiable no matter you want install it in your own equipment or just use it to doing the lab testing.



2019/07/15 15:10
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