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  • YONLIT new product line of 2019

    In this year, we had put focus on following items with our stock technology achievements: Down and up frequency converter, pulse wideband RF power amplifier, TRM (Transmission and receive module). More details inside.

    186 2019-07-15
  • Customize heatsink for power amplifier

    This heatsink is a special design from YONLIT as an attachment for our power amplifier module, match with 60*60mm fans, it can handling the heat from 100watts power

    148 2019-07-15
  • What is linearity

    In this article, we want do it in a easy way to explain what is the linearity, and make a simple concept for the readers in order help them to choose or know these parameters when they are building a system.

    92 2019-07-12
Shenzhen Yonlit Telecom Technology Co., Ltd. is professionally engaged in design and manufacture at wireless coverage products since from 1995. Yonlit main products are including General Telecommunication Bands RF Power Amplifier, Wideband Power Amplifier and BTS, C, Ku, X band Power Amplifier, Digital Signal Jammer and BTS Components etc.

Our products are widely applied in civil and military field, and be widely using in Middle East, South Asia, America, Europe, Russia and Africa.

Integrity, Efficiency, Professional are our norms.

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